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Ground Floor,
Kompleks Karamunsing,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.


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  • You can enjoy healthy minerals. Alkaline Water K-1500 has no noise without any power supply and it is very safe. After upgrade from the existing water purifier. K-1500 is minimized to the most compact size in the world as maximizing the performance. The new filter system is proud of the best stability.

  •     ​Installation: Countertop​
  •     Standard Filters:

        Package A
        Step 1. : 8” Pre Carbon
        Step 2. : 8” Pre Carbon
        Step 3. : 8” Silver Carbon
        Step 4. : 8” π (pi) Energy
        Step 5. : 5” Alkaline Ball

        Package B
        Step 1. : 10” Sediment
        Step 2. : 10” Pre Carbon
        Step 3. : 10” Alkaline
        Step 4. : 10” Post Carbon

WPU-5900F Stem Elbow AQUA PV-PE 8x44 With Diaphragm Valve BNT111 K-2000 BLUE BF-01-006 K-850S K-850S K-1500 AQUA PV-PE 10x44 With Diaphragm Valve BNT111 Control Panel ECS-1188-V2 MYL833S-B WPU-8235F/C GT-2 K-1000 WPU-2201C W500C FUF 57 Transformer Voltage 12 VAC Transformer Voltage 12 VAC MYL31 Alkalinity Stone Alkalinity Stone