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Puremate Marketing (M) Sdn.Bhd
Lot G-55,
Ground Floor,
Kompleks Karamunsing,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.


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  •     Type: Pipe In Type - Hot, Warm & Cold
  •     Voltage Used: 240V / 50Hz
  •     Stores Bucket: Hot  5.5ℓ  /  Cold  3.5ℓ​
  •     Water Supply: Hot  20ℓ  /  Cold  11ℓ
  •     Power Parameter: Hot 800W  /  Cold  250W
  •     With Filters:
  1.         Standard Filters A
  •             ​WA900C+3F (3 Stages) - PP棉, 双节活性碳, 压缩活性炭
  1.         Standard Filters B
  •             ​WA900C+RO (5 Stages) - PP棉, 双节活性碳, 颗粒活性碳, RO Membrane(75GPD), Post Carbon
 Inlet Pipe, Outlet Pipe, Ball Valve

GT-2 Calcium Sulfite W6202-2C MYR720T Water Tank SG 118 MYL305S K-1000 SILVER K-1000 SILVER 935, 942, 1044 Male Branch Tee AQUA PV-PE 10x44 With Diaphragm Valve BNT111 Freestanding Water Bar (Water Cooler) Double Table Top VN300A Maganese Gravel Sand K-3000 LIGHT PURPLE BF-01-005 K-3000 SILVER FRP Zeolite Plus EFS328N