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Puremate Marketing (M) Sdn.Bhd
Lot G-55,
Ground Floor,
Kompleks Karamunsing,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.


     AO Water ---    5 Series    ---

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-Anti-erosion and oxidation-resistant, made with 5 titanium platinum plates
-Provides four levels of alkaline water, one level of purified water and two levels of acid water.
-Power-saving installation
-Operates on continuous electrolysis concept
-Automatic cleansing and reminder function for electrolysis chamber
-Electronic touch buttons for easy operation
-Filter-replacing indicator and advanced safety features
-Clear indicators to prevent wrong drinking

Control Panel PLC 235 (2 Type Water) K-850S VM-SS-1123-C K-2000 LIGHT BLUE ZB-37A Nipple Straight VM-CI-1515-C Water Purifier Pipeline Water Cooler MYLG1585S, MYLG1585T YRT5-II K-3000 WPU-5200F WATER PURIFIER MYL305S K-1500 SILVER K-1500 SILVER BF-01-006 KT-3500 Freestanding Water Bar (Water Cooler) W500C Water Tank 20 Double Housing