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     AO Water ---    3 Series    ---

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-Japanese 3 titanium-platinum electrolysis chamber and ceramic membrane; baked in Taiwan
-Provides four levels of alkaline water, one level of purified water and two levels of acid water
-Equipped with an NSF-certified high quality PPF filter
-Smart automatic cleansing feature
-User-friendly LCD display for easy tracking and usage

Softened Water Water Purifier K-2000 Bulkhead Union K-3000 GREEN Calcium Sulfite DF018 0088-B 1242 Single Tubing K-3000 Black 701 RO Water Purifier Faucet Connector Transformer Voltage 12 VAC 4040-1 4040-1 Stem Branch Tee K-4000 GREEN Male Branch Tee Pump 8088-AH-1211 AC 230V BF-01-006